Zväz elektrotechnického priemyslu SR (Slovakia)

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The Association of the Electrical Engineering Industry of the Slovak Republic (ZEP SR) was established in 1991 as a professional association operating in the field of electrical engineering and electronics, information and communication technologies.

ZEP SR is the largest and representative employer organization of its kind in the sector. It brings together not only manufacturers of electrical and electronic production, but also companies operating in the field of electrical waste management, electrical material distributors, design offices, secondary vocational schools, universities and research institutes.

ZEP SR enters into negotiations with the Government of the Slovak Republic, trade unions and foreign partners, and deals with employment and social issues with an emphasis on the common interests of its members. By law, ZEP SR has the right and obligation to negotiate a Collective Agreement of a higher degree. The state of the business environment, law enforcement or quality legal conditions of business relations are extremely important to us.

Based on the knowledge from the membership base, we have prepared a legislative initiative, the aim of which is to improve the position of creditors in increasingly frequent bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings. We are also actively involved in inter-ministerial comment proceedings. An important topic for us is the right setting of conditions for drawing European funds in the field of science and research.

Website: https://zep.sk/